About Leigh Gonzalez

When it comes to fashion, nobody does it better than style expert Leigh Gonzalez. She has been obsessed with runway fashion since a very early age. As a teenager, she began creating her own designs. She followed her passion into college, attending school at California’s prestigious Art Center College of Design. Upon achieving her Master’s degree, Leigh decided it was time to bring her many creations to life.

In addition to fashion design and her chic lifestyle brand, Leigh is a mother to a three year-old daughter and a six year-old son. Family is everything to this woman and her compassionate, nurturing nature is extended to all whom she encounters. She hopes her children will follow in her artistic talents and maybe even take over the business one day.

Leigh started this blog to share her love for fashion and design with the world. The creative visionary writes about her experiences, bestow upon us her best fashion secrets, and teach us all how to kick our looks up a notch with fun and easy solutions. Additionally, she will enlighten us with fascinating apparel history, much of which influences the threads we sport today. Get ready to be wowed by all that is Leigh Gonzalez!