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About VideoTech.ch

In this digital age, what would life be without video and technology? We dare not to even think of it. These days, it is these two areas that are holding up the framework of our reality. They are incredibly powerful in their ability to influence societal behavior, drive popular trends, and to spread information like wildfire. And VideoTech.ch strives to harness that power for the good.

Video and technology stimulate deep creativity and fantastic innovation, sparking endless ideas and works of art. They provide the perfect channels for self-expression and accessing knowledge. VideoTech.ch was founded to support this movement by keeping you in the know about all the latest news, concepts, perspectives, and creations in the worlds of video and technology. We are committed to neutrality, consistency, transparency, and quality.

VideoTech.ch was founded to unite social media influencers, tech enthusiasts, modern artists, and gadget nerds alike through the two things all of us have in common. It’s the big, big world connecting! Isn’t it beautiful? Our site is driven by a profound affinity for the digital revolution. We believe in the power of electronics! And we hope you will enjoy what we have to offer here, at VideoTech.ch.